Crasse box is Dead.
Sunday 20110821, our hosting company  (Iliad  -  did
simultaneously :
  - shutdown the server,
  - blackholed our ip,
  - ended our contract,
  - sent us an email saying the service is closed, without  warnings  and
    written reasons.

In a first contact with Online, they said :
This server has been DDoSed at 8gb/s and it impacted  a  lot  of  other
servers in their network. is VERY expeditive.

Crasse is dead.
All websites hosted on crasse are now dead, they will be migrated  ASAP.
All qwebircs hosted on crasse are now dead,  will  use
mibbit during the needed time  for  their  replacement  (finding  a  new
server, changing webirc blocks..).  

And we don't even know why and who launched this DDoS.

Apologies for this downtime,